Friday, August 26, 2005

raw information hub - taxonomic reading

ranking the tags

these series of experiments around ranking give a simple overview of the traffic related to the r-echos articles. It gives insight on trends and zeitgeist.
the main issue with this techniques is that it gives only the most accessed clues, which produce an information-rich model.

What would be the next steps:
1/ the less accessed articles and tags - what is the less trendy? is there a rare pearl in there?
2/ the favorites - there are always a few websites in the whole that interrests me a bit more
3/ the weight of a tag - the more articles are defined by a keyword should affect the whole system
4/ the weight of an article - ...

3 and 4, at first sight, are based on an information-rich model as well; however the datas generated by this bias could be used in a different way

solution 3/: (beta) each time an article is defined by a keyword, this keyword get one point. 10 most accessed tags via articles

tags orphans

there's still 8064 articles without tags inside r-echos - articles which were rebloged before the «tag scripts»; to correct this, i've written a script to automate the filling of tags for each articles: it scans the content (title+subject/category+content) and get the pre-recorded keywords; however the script isn't (of course) able to get the context. This could be done with a kind of tag bundle (à la delicious) which would give a better semantic aspect to the things. Much more complex to devellop, you guessed right! Anyway at the moment, i have to review each tags form so that it doesn't get tooooooo messy. Be patient, 8064 old articles to read again just to check the classification is right (even if articles are short ones): it takes time :)

For the logs: this morning the new module displayed 408 recorded tracks, which means that in one night a 360ish articles have been accessed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

raw information hub

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

what is anti-chambre

Mainly, anti-chambre is an experimental space, recording thoughts and projects, reading and ideas; it is a laboratory - originally intended as an archive space for my m.a. at écal, lausanne - in media and interraction design; it is still an experimental spave, but now evolving toward experiences related to some of the main pieces:
on one hand: r-echos, a magazine. More exactly a reblog: a daily (or almost) selections of articles, links, images. As the subtitle says: "Daily news, digested and reinjected".
On the other hand, zeitgeist is related to the electronic RE-presentation.

Here, on blogspot, you'll have access to a sort of log of the most recent experiments taking place inside anti-chambre.

raw information hub on anti-chambre

top hits / best access / trends and zeitgeist from the reader point of view
best accessed articles from r-echos
taxonomy/folksonomy / trends from within the database
tag cloud from r-echos

evolutive taxonomy / trends from searchengines
zeitgeist of anti-chambre

information flux & poetics

electronic presence -
automated art -
remote controlled shadow

zeitgeist on the whole anti-chambre

joel online

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

a few links as a starter

anti-chambre experimental laboratory
r-echos daily news, digested & reinjected
zeitgeist trends from within anti-chambre
text as playground
fontnest type design / collaborative / works
portfolio some stuff

hello world