Sunday, September 18, 2005

back in the business

some pages - after a sort of close inspection - are back; now the exploration of the database trough the tags & keywords is back after the shortage of the last days.

The emerging ideas are around the tag bundles with a series of fix articles which wouldn't change (too much) and some links taken from the database; searches are taking place also around syntaxic structures and semantic fields, with an analyse of words occurences {depending on}/{classified by} tags uses, and some generative ability.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

mysql server

due to some severe charges on the mysql server, some pages have been suspended (until further notice) and consequently some experiences linked here are not available anymore.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

administration tools [notes to self]

#create bundle with a list of the most recent tags

# insert tags into articles which haven't been tagged (`tags` is empty)

#create bundles with a list of all the tags + if bundled

Bundles, tags, zeitgeist

bundles of tags and their respective ratio=tag.quantity/article.quantity inside the database.

Bundles, tags, zeitgeist

listing the pages - almost lost

Tags list

Tags browser
# parameter: w -> tag [default: 'antichambre']
# list articles defined by the w tag
- by default
- for inclusion
- color mode
- raw html

All articles
# display all articles headlines

Tags definition
# connect wiki and tags

Articles zeitgeist
# included in the main page
# information-rich model
# 10 most accessed articles
# parameters: max [default: "10"]

Articles/tag browser
# browse article defined by a specific tag

Article dispaly
# show the archived article
# parameter: id

Tags zeitgeist
# the most accessed tags
# parameters: max [default: "10"]

Trends - tags by article zeitgeist
# tags receive points depending on the articles accesses
# parameter max [default: "10"]