Friday, December 30, 2005

some news from the rebloging frontline

after a few hours playing/hacking the blogger api, i felt a bit disappointed

i decided to «hack» wordpress to fit my needs.
It has been a while since i planned to have a deeper look in those blogger's specific cms - it started well before the first lines of the hierarchical cms which on their side kept me away from any intense activity on the experimental side of my work. I'm now transfering/recoding r-echos database to fit wp's criterias, a few mysql queries like copy/pastes on the keyboard, and the work should be over - then, the next step, is to convert all the tools and experiments so that they could survive the arrival of the new system, not as easy as the first step. First things first: the sql queries of feedonfeeds i was using until now... I would like Feedonfeeds to act like the admin of wordpress, letting me consequently post/reblog while away from my beloved powerbook (yes, it happens sometimes). There are still however a certain quantity of issues which have to be solved before the transfer could be officially said done (more especially, the relationship between the opml list from feedonfeeds and the converted posts in wp, also the hit system developped inside r-echos, the tagging system which has to be redesigned as there's only one category per post in wp, ... well... still a few things to keep me awaken).

What were the motivation: apart all the conceptual fuss, i wanted to keep to possibility to have a console online for republishing as well as a tool to read my rss feeds when off from my computer. So keeping Feedonfeeds in its very own place on the server was obvious. The main need which directed this big move has appeared more and more crucial as i was facing more and more rss sources - the need of filters - smartLists à la iTunes. Netnewswire offered this since a while and i was quite happy to buy the bundled licence (nnw2+mars edit 1.0). Now i plan to read most of the stuff in nnw2 and use mars edit 1.0 as an evolved interface to reblog.
Once everything (not only the content of the db, but all the experiments) will be ok_back_in_the_business, i would like to give a go to Ecto.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

PHP Atom API « Projects « Dented Reality: "PHP Atom API
This is a library of code that you can use to interact with an Atom API based server."

might be interesting to use this with r-echos...