Thursday, March 30, 2006

desktop realtime electronic presence


desktop realtime electronic presence

electronic presence trough various websites, part of the info_hub research. reflects activity and logs.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

mass media unit (memory)


The mass media diving (formerly called mass media helmet) project is an experimental device which aim is to transcribe physically information's fluxes from CNN as poetics. This device is driven by an application i've coded which is scanning continuously the CNN website, transforming the informations into raw data, diffused then inside the helmet.

MMD contains a screen, loudspeaker, stroboscope, 2 gaz bottles (one filled with N2O, the other with oxygen) The differents parts of the MMD are activated by the presence and the frequency of words Each word is displayed on the screen during a very short time (eye memory, flicking effect), a sound marks each second creating the base rythm, another sound is played for each displayed word. the stroboscope is activated depending on certain words. the gaz will be diffused more or less fast inside the helmet The MMD has also a camera which will display on an external monitor the head of the user, and 4 tiltswitch giving the user the ability to go faster or slower. After a certain period of time, the MMD will stop itself.

more about mass media unit

alice in switzerland


Friday, March 24, 2006

notes and comments on a possible to do list for r-echos

on /r-echos/

stattraq from produce stats of access. even if i installed the last version (b), the (a) still is there - weird. side note: it seems not to appreciate the url_rewrite i have installed. still have to investigate but no time at the moment.
common tools are there, so it's fine - maybe having a look to the db could be bring some new alteration in the process.

ultimate tag warrior from let you insert tag by hand in your post with [tags][/tags]. neat! also it can put the mess in your category to transform them in tags. i did it! it works very well! some older posts completely change of category - which lead me to use simple categories system instead of full range of taxonomy. but still: most pf the oldest post have some weird tags...

url rewrite seems ok for the most recent posts (i'm using /year/month/day/title/ ) - not for the oldest archive; the given link on each post reflects just the date, not the name. certainly during the transfer something got squeezed and broke it.

the zeitgeist and visual_zeitgeist are on hold at the moment. they haven't been transfered/converted to / r-echos /

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

r-echos v3 online

and you can find it here: with the archive of the two former versions, and a couple of improvements, i hope you will enjoy. the tagline is Ā«bits, fragments and traces of an electronic presenceĀ» and the subject remains the same, electronic dyi, new technology, art and design, cultural hacking, mapping and taxonomy... surveying/republishing the best bits i can come across. wish you will enjoy, see you there.