Friday, March 24, 2006

notes and comments on a possible to do list for r-echos

on /r-echos/

stattraq from produce stats of access. even if i installed the last version (b), the (a) still is there - weird. side note: it seems not to appreciate the url_rewrite i have installed. still have to investigate but no time at the moment.
common tools are there, so it's fine - maybe having a look to the db could be bring some new alteration in the process.

ultimate tag warrior from let you insert tag by hand in your post with [tags][/tags]. neat! also it can put the mess in your category to transform them in tags. i did it! it works very well! some older posts completely change of category - which lead me to use simple categories system instead of full range of taxonomy. but still: most pf the oldest post have some weird tags...

url rewrite seems ok for the most recent posts (i'm using /year/month/day/title/ ) - not for the oldest archive; the given link on each post reflects just the date, not the name. certainly during the transfer something got squeezed and broke it.

the zeitgeist and visual_zeitgeist are on hold at the moment. they haven't been transfered/converted to / r-echos /


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