Saturday, May 20, 2006


Inside the side bar a sort of micromap of the page has been inserted; it works as follow:

- the color are representative of catageroies, it gives a glimpse of the repartition of the topics on the page , with no clear indications about what the topic is (point to work around and fix)
- on roll over, if an image is present in the post, it's displayed along with the title of the post
- by clicking on the expanded coloured surface you expand the corresponding article on the left

The ideas it brings: The multi-categorised post should possess many colours, or - maybe - a gradient fill. The tags used for each post could modify the hue of the post as well - but on a more subtle way (there it needs a kind of semantic bundles of tags - à la delicious). Also it needs a more restrictive set of rules to distinct and establish colour's categories.
The access to the information leads almost directly to the researched article's page because of the link directly on the title - might be a good idea to move the link to the post inside the layer, and use the javascript which extend the layer there as well, instead. The sidebar should follow the scroll, meta information should be removed from it and transfered to a place right under the Header (where there's already 3 of them recently displaced) - in an unique layer which would be opened/close and populated by some h2 button in the sidebar; the sidebar remaining a simplenavigation tool with no content at all inside.
On another hand, an ajax-like interface might be usefull to populate article on the fly instead of (hard) loading everything from the beginning. This might allow the interface to incorporate much more articles at once. The sidebar could then remains permanent and host some specific tools - like note taking, bookmarking, etc.


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