Thursday, May 18, 2006

r-echos v0.3 b / a color adventure in an electronic presence

r-echos v0.3 b / a color adventure in an electronic presence

an ongoing experiment around mapping the topics constituting the base ground structure of th incoming info_hub projects leaded r-echos in a slight redesign.

no more black and white for the title, but rather using colors which lets identify the subject/topic/category. Possible feature would be to have more color organisations - thinking about a stronger system. At the moment it's a very simple hack in the r-echos theme based on the id of the main category of the post.

no more complete view of the whole content in the page, this should clarify the whole thing and allow a different perception of the activity.

as image consequently disapeared - installed a simple preview of the first image inside the post. This feauture is at a very early stage.

Planned development:

More on the category/color relationship

Making tags visible - the same way as colors, maybe the tags colors could influence the category color.
ie: a blueish/redish grey, would say same category but different amount of tags. This would need a semantic approach of tags (' bundles)

Mapping the category, evolution of topics through time (zeitgeist), simple preview of page in the top, no more right handed menu, but rather a bunch of links that would push content in the dedicated placeholder - the one right under the banner.

Connection with the spiderbot project - automation of content discovery through keywords lists. Development of filters for information retrieval in the various tools already in use. Experimenting with new ones. Conducing specific research for tools that might be of any help.


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